New Session of the Council of the NEXT Federation kicks off

On 11 Dec, the 1st Plenary Meeting of the 2nd Session of the Council of the NEXT Federation was successfully held online. Members of the Council and Supervisors attended the meeting alongside representatives of the Global Leadership, the Global Advisory Committee, the Executive Committee, and the Global Partnership committee. The meeting elected a new leadership of the NEXT Federation.


Photo: The 1st Plenary Meeting of the 2nd Session of the Council of the NEXT Federation was held online on Dec 11.

According to procedure, the meeting announced the members’ list during the 2nd Session of the Council, which were approved by the Chairmen Meeting of the 1st Session of the Council, as well as announcing the establishment and performance of the 2nd Session of the Council, and electing the Chairman, Executive Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Chief Supervisor, and form of the Chairmen Meeting of the Council. The meeting elected Tony Browne, former New Zealand Ambassador to China, to continue to serve as the Chairman of the 2nd session of the Council of the NEXT Federation, William (Yingxiang) Zhao as the Executive Chairman, and Yuan Guobao (China), Wang Leyong (UAE) and Dr Gatot Dwianto (Indonesia), Lai Chengyi (Singapore), Dr Jun Chen (Executive Committee) to serve as Vice Chairman and Charles You as Chief Supervisor.


Photo: Tony Browne was elected as Chairman of the Council and delivered a speech.

Chairman Tony Browne fully affirmed and spoke highly of the work of the 1st council and put forward specific requirements for the work of the 2nd session of the council. He said that today’s achievements had not come easily and were achieved through the joint efforts of all members of the NEXT Federation. He stressed that in the future, the NEXT Federation will continue to adhere to the GMABC service model, adhere to openness and cooperation, and remain committed to the integration of global government, media, scientific research, industry, and private resources.

Entrusted by the Council, Executive Chairman William (Yingxiang) Zhao reported on the work of NEXT Federation from 2019 to 2022, summarizing the key work undertaken over the past three years, and shared proposals and arrangements for development over the next three years.

The report reviews the efforts of the NEXT Federation since the first session held Dubai in 2019, particularly in the strengthening of strategic planning and highlighting the service value of the international platform, improving institutions and systems to build a platform of openness and cooperation, and exploring and incubating service modules to achieve sustainable development.


Photo: The First Session of The First meeting of the Council’s Meeting of NEXT Federation was held in Dubai in 2019. Ban Ki-moon, the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, and other specially invited representatives attended the meeting.

The report highlights that the past three years have been extraordinary for the World and the NEXT Federation. The past three years have been a period of active exploration and rapid growth of the NEXT Federation. On behalf of the 1st Council and Executive Committee, Executive Chairman William (Yingxiang) Zhao expressed his sincere thanks to the Presidents, Advisors, members of the Council and Executive Committee, global partners, full-time and part-time work teams, and volunteers.

The report stated that the NEXT Federation has actively built a global industrial resource integration and transformation platform since its establishment five years ago; continuously expanded its circle of friends for international cooperation, and pioneered the GMABC model, which acts as a catalyst to promote global innovation, cooperation, and sustainability across governments, media, academies, businesses, and communities.

Over the next three years, in order to seize opportunities and rise to challenges, the Council proposed the “1231” strategy, which draws a blueprint for the development of the NEXT Federation for the future. That is: to center on building a high-quality international service platform; expand the two aspects of resources supply and cooperation channels; make efforts in the three key areas of team building, brand operation, and project service; and to attract investment for a better and faster development of the platform.

According to the procedure, the meeting elected the 2nd Global Leadership and Global Advisory Committee of the NEXT Federation.


Photo: H.E. Prof Essam A. Sharaf was elected as Rotating President of the NEXT Federation and delivered a speech.

Former Prime Minister of Egypt, H.E. Prof Essam A. Sharaf, was re-elected as the Rotating President of the NEXT Federation and delivered a speech. He fully affirmed the efforts of the NEXT Federation since its inception and said that the most impressive thing about the NEXT Federation is its globality. He believes that the past three years have been full of challenges and uncertainties for the world and the NEXT Federation. He said that all members of the NEXT Federation would continue to work hard to fulfill its purpose and commitment to promoting global innovation, cooperation, and sustainability.

The meeting also elected Hon Prof Bommer Pasaribu, Former Indonesian Labour Minister and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Indonesian Research Development International, and Prof Felix Dapare Dakora, President of the African Academy of Sciences (FAAS) and Member of the International Advisory Board of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, to serve as Vice Presidents of the NEXT Federation.


Photo: Prof Hammam Riza was elected as Rotating President of the Global Advisory Committee and delivered a speech.

Prof Hammam Riza, Principal Engineer of the National Research and Innovation Agency and Former Chairman of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, was re-elected as the Rotating President of the Global Advisory Committee of the NEXT Federation and delivered an important speech. He believes that in the face of a complex and ever-changing world, the NEXT Federation must strive to respond to these challenges and adapt to the changes of the times, to ultimately achieve sustainable development. He stressed that the NEXT Federation should adhere to the concept of “integrated development”, continue to integrate resources from all parties in future development, and help partners and customers build a good ecosystem for global industries, to effectively promote the long-term development of the international industrial chain.

The meeting also elected Hon Dr Desi Mamahit, Former Chief of Indonesian Coast Guards, President of the National Docks of Indonesia, Chairman of Indonesian Research Development International; and Rashed H. S. Al Ketbi, Member of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates and Chairman of the DEVAR group; Mr Omer Kouassi Kokou-tchri, founder of ASDB Group UK LIMITED and Africa, Developing Countries Political and Social Changes Advisor; Mr Suhail Zarooni, renowned businessman and collector in the United Arab Emirates and Guinness World Record holder; Prof Jung Yoo-shin, Professor of Sogang University and CEO of the Fintech Center of Financial Services Commission of Korea; Dr Im Byungik, President of the China Innovation Economy Institute of Korea, to serve as Vice Presidents of the Global Advisory Committee. Dr Im Byungik gave a speech on behalf of the newly elected members of the Global Advisory Committee.

According to the procedure, the meeting elected the main leaders of the Supervisors, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other institutions of the NEXT Federation. Charles You as Chief Supervisor, William (Yingxiang) Zhao as President of the Board of Directors, and Dr Jun Chen as Secretary General of the Executive Committee, delivered speeches respectively.

The meeting reviewed and approved the application for the establishment of the NEXT Federation (Indonesia) and the NEXT Federation (Singapore) as national branches, and determined a list of key leaders. Hon Dr Gatot Dwianto, Chairman of the NEXT Federation (Indonesia), and Lai Chengyi, Chairman of the NEXT Federation (Singapore), gave speeches respectively.

The meeting approved the commendation list of outstanding members of the Council and the Executive Committee of the 1st session. Yuan Guobao, outstanding member of the Council, and Gong Yifan, outstanding member of the Executive Committee, spoke on behalf of the Council and Executive Committee.

All members of the Council and delegated representatives listened carefully to the reports, held discussions, and approved the ‘Report on the Work of the NEXT Federation 2019 to 2022’.

Following the completion of the agenda, the 1st Plenary Meeting of the 2nd Session of the Council of the NEXT Federation was successfully concluded.

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