NEXT Summit (Singapore 2021) focused on energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

NEXT Summit (Singapore 2021) held a forum on “Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development” on September 29. The Vice Chairman of the Council of NEXT Federation, Wang Leyong, presided over the event.

With the emergence of global issues such as resource scarcity, ecological deterioration, and unsustainable economic development, countries worldwide have attached unprecedented importance to the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, which has become a significant strategic emerging industry. In terms of the development trends of the global environmental protection industry, environmental equipment will move towards integration, advanced technology, and serialization, shifting the focus from end-users to controlling the source.

The “green barrier” has brought tremendous opportunities and challenges to the global environmental equipment industry, and the demand for high-tech innovations in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection has been increasing, leading to intensified competition. The deep integration of mobile internet, big data, cloud computing, 5G Internet of Things, and the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will profoundly transform its production methods, governance approaches, and operating models.

Currently, the global environmental protection industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. In the face of the urgent need for sustainable human development, it is crucial to tackle the technical challenges in equipment and services in relevant fields and innovate to create original scientific and technological achievements for the future. By improving industrial competitiveness through technological advancements and promoting global cooperation as a bond between nations, the healthy development of the global energy conservation and environmental protection industry can be fostered.

During the forum, Professor H.E. Prof Dr H. Bomer Pasaribu, former Minister of Labor of Indonesia and Vice President of NEXT Federation, delivered a keynote speech on global green growth, environmental protection, sustainable development, and improving environmental performance. He pointed out that the global labor market has entered the fourth industrial revolution, but under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, massive unemployment and mechanization are widespread, and digital reforms have become an integral part of global green work practices.

Desi Albert Mamahit, former Commander of the Indonesian Coast Guard and Vice Chairman of the Global Advisory Committee of NEXT Federation, also delivered a keynote speech. He emphasized that the oceans occupy over half of the world’s space, sustain approximately 3 billion people, and make significant contributions to the global economy. Currently, the world is fighting various marine environmental issues, and technological advancements continuously increase the demand for resources. Therefore, it is essential to explore how to achieve green development in the era of Industry 4.0.

Professor Gao Wei, Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and Professor at the University of Auckland, highlighted that water, food, and energy are the three most severe global problems, and material research is applied to address these issues. He delivered a keynote speech on nano-semiconductor oxides and their applications. Regarding environmental pollution treatment, Professor Gao introduced the production of nano zinc oxide materials using hydrothermal methods. He discussed the production of polymer materials using electrostatic spinning, where nanoscale oxides are attached to fine fibers to create composite materials with specific properties for filtration, adsorption, and reaction purposes. He believes that in the future, nanomaterials will play a significant role in the fields of energy and the environment. He called for breaking down green barriers and promoting global energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Dr. Hendri Saparini, Founder of C.O.R.E. Think Tank and Chairperson of the Public Policy Committee of the Indonesian Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, shared C.O.R.E. Think Tank’s economic policy interpretations for different regions of Indonesia. She emphasized that sustainable development is a focal point of global concern and will also be the focus of C.O.R.E. Think Tank for a long time to come.

John Worth, CEO and General Manager of GEO 40, delivered a speech in which he emphasized that a sustainable future relies on sustainable energy development. The goal of the GEO project is to create new value for geothermal ecosystems and achieve the sustainable utilization and development of energy.

Fan Xiaobao, Special Advisor to the Executive Committee of NEXT Federation and Chairman of Shenzhen Xiangweibao Industrial Co., Ltd., discussed the concept of globalization in the post-pandemic era and believed that a new chapter of win-win cooperation is about to unfold under the pandemic circumstances. He pointed out that the common goals of people from different countries are to expand trade exchanges, promote innovation, break communication barriers, and create new models of economic assistance. He and his team support actively responding to the “Belt and Road” policy, believing that the “Belt and Road” initiative has significant practical value for the economic recovery of countries in the post-pandemic era.

Lin Xuefeng, Senior Engineer at China Energy Construction Group Xinjiang Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., exchanged insights on the achievements and technological innovations in the field of energy storage. His team’s technical innovations in electrochemical energy storage mainly focus on wind storage simulation and optimization, battery wear simulation and optimization, and their combined calculations. Lin Xuefeng believes that “wind power + energy storage” and “photovoltaic power generation + energy storage” not only have broad prospects but also have a significant impact on the future global energy supply structure. He hopes to promote the development of new energy generation and energy storage industries and contribute to energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Zhang Li, Minister of Investment Promotion Department in Shanxi Xiangyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, reported on the field of energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development with a focus on the “Carbon-based New Material Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Project.” She supports waste utilization and turning waste into treasure, emphasizing the advantages of carbon-based new materials and providing market and situational analysis.

During the “Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development” forum, under the active promotion of Niu Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Xiangyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone in China, the Xiangyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone signed cooperation agreements online with NEXT Federation and UAE Leyong Group for the joint construction of the industrial park. The two parties agreed to enhance communication and cooperation, implement personnel deployment, strengthen industry integration, promote technological collaboration, and jointly promote practical cooperation, extensive publicity, and mobilization. The companies in the industrial park, including Hongrui Xiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., signed an online agreement with Wang Leyong, the Chairman of UAE Leyong Group, for cooperation related to the agency of carbon-based new materials brands.

The NEXT Summit (Singapore 2021), with the theme of “Promoting Total-Factor Cooperation,” invited more than 70 international political figures, renowned scholars, business leaders, and entrepreneurial pioneers from over 10 countries, including New Zealand, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE, Singapore, the United States, Germany, and Russia. The summit featured important segments such as the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, global project roadshows, Hurricane Lamp Award ceremony, and seven thematic forums, allowing participants to deliver cutting-edge speeches and share case studies in various industries.

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