How to Seize Investment Opportunities in Indonesia: Recognition of Four Investment Trends

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s development is increasingly favored by the market. On the afternoon of September 23rd, during the “Investing in Indonesia” forum at the NEXT Summit (Bali 2022), several overseas professionals discussed the advantages and investment directions for investing in Indonesia in detail.

The international NEXT Summit (Bali 2022), themed ” Global Change and Rebuilding Collaboration” was held from September 19th to 29th in a hybrid format of online and offline forums. Multiple exciting forums presented cutting-edge speeches and case studies in various industries, providing a global platform for top-level knowledge and information exchange.

Dr. Diana Putra I Wayan, CEO of the ILDC Asia Group in Indonesia, stated that the company plans to establish unique urban infrastructure projects in Indonesia over the next decade to promote the development of community culture and social tourism. “Through the development of the tourism industry, we hope to integrate real estate value and cultural value, continuously improving the quality of life for local residents. At the same time, we actively participate in promoting the development of local agriculture, fisheries, healthcare, education, and other industries to quickly adapt to new development trends.”

Regarding Indonesia’s investment advantages, Reven Zhong, General Manager of JuLong Group, expressed that Indonesia is currently the best investment opportunity in agriculture globally. The reasons are as follows: First, it has political stability and a favorable investment environment; Second, it exhibits very healthy economic growth; Third, it possesses abundant natural resources locally; Fourth, its population structure is very young, with an abundant labor force; Fifth, it has a large domestic population base with strong consumer spending power.

Regarding investment opportunities, Bobby Gafur Umar, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that there are many investment opportunities in renewable energy in Indonesia. He emphasized that Indonesia aims to achieve 23% utilization of renewable energy by 2025, but the current proportion is only 12%. To achieve this goal, a supportive regulatory framework for renewable energy is crucial, as renewable energy represents a significant investment opportunity.

Bobby Gafur Umar also expressed great optimism about Indonesia’s investment advantages. During the forum, he stated, “We have high expectations for Indonesia. With its large population and status as a developing country in the field of new energy, coupled with a stable political environment, we hope to attract more investors to invest and develop in Indonesia.”

According to Fabian Buddy Pascoal, Partner at Jakarta’s Dentons HPRP Law Firm, the demand for investment in Indonesia has been continuously increasing from 2017 to the first quarter of this year. The top countries investing in Indonesia are Singapore, China, Japan, and the United States, with the majority of investments coming from Asia.

In addition to the aforementioned investment advantages in Indonesia, Fabian Buddy Pascoal also mentioned that Indonesia currently has favorable policies for foreign investment, and the government has introduced a series of favorable policies to encourage investments in Indonesia.

At the same time, the forum’s host, Dr. Totok Hari Wibowo, Senior Policy Researcher at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Indonesia, summarized the four investment trends in Indonesia: a significant demand for food, the development of renewable energy, enormous investment opportunities in the digital field, and infrastructure construction providing significant opportunities.

The 6th NEXT Summit (Bali 2022) was co-hosted by the NEXT Federation, China Economic Information Service, and Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The NEXT Federation is a global platform for integrating and transforming industrial resources, promoting global innovation, cooperation, and development through discovering intelligent practices, sharing advantageous resources, and improving public relations. Its headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand. China Economic Information Service is a professional economic information service organization directly affiliated with Xinhua News Agency. It is one of the most authoritative and comprehensive economic information service institutions in China and serves as a pilot unit for the construction of national high-end think tanks. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) of Indonesia is a permanent institution under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. It is responsible for international research, development, evaluation, and application, as well as invention and innovation, nuclear implementation, and space-related work. The chief partner and official designated product of the summit is Hong Xifeng, one of the most renowned traditional Chinese liquor brands known as one of the “Four Famous Lao Baijiu” and praised as the “Phoenix of Liquor” for its characteristics of not causing intoxication, throat dryness, and providing pleasant aftertastes.

The NEXT Summit (Bali 2022) calls for embracing convergence in the face of significant transformations, promoting transformations through convergence, and achieving continuous progress and sustainable development in human society.

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