The 6th NEXT Summit (Bali 2022) concluded successfully on September 29. The Summit was hosted by the NEXT Federation, Xinhua China Economic Information Service and Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The Bali Summit was themed at Global Change and Rebuilding Collaboration, aiming to advocate rebuilding collaboration amid changes, to enhance international community’s understanding and confidence in promoting global innovation, cooperation, and sustainability, and to identify project and strategic opportunities in international cooperation. Red Xifeng, as principal partner and official chief designated product, participated in the online and offline activities.

The Summit is composed of the opening ceremony, “Red Xifeng” keynote speech, global roadshow of international projects, and the “Hurricane Lamp” award ceremony and others. It sets up 8 online thematic forums.

Global influence:

Political dignitaries, experts, scholars, and business leaders in various fields from China, Indonesia, New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, ROK, Britain, Germany, Egypt, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and Malaysia have delivered forward-looking speeches, shared cases, envisaged the latest development of key industries, and explored the direction for international cooperation.

Opening Speech

Tjokorda Bagus Pemayun, Director of the Tourism Bureau of Bali

Tony Browne, Former Ambassador of New Zealand to China and Chairman of the Council of NEXT Federation

Jing Ruyue, Secretary-General of Xinhua News Agency

Hammam Riza, Rotating President of Global Advisory Committee of NEXT Federation and Principal Engineer of the National Research and Innovation Agency

Made Dana Tangkas, Executive Chairman of Indonesia Research and Development

Made Gunaja, Head of Agency for the Research and Innovation Bali Province

Red Xifeng Keynote Speech “Global Change and Rebuilding Collaboration


Laksana Tri Handoko, Chairman of Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency

Guo Shuanxin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Xi Feng Group

Jenny Shipley, Former New Zealand Prime Minister

His Excellency Essam Sharaf, Former Prime Minister of Egypt and the Rotating President of NEXT Federation,

Saleem Mandviwalla, Chairman of the Planning, Development and Special Initiatives of Pakistan and former Vice Chairman of the Parliament of Pakistan

Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, President Director of Indonesia’s Antara News Agency

David Saganelidze, Chairman of the Partnership Fund of Georgia

Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, Deputy Governor of Bali Province

Dadan Kusdiana, Directorate General for New, Renewable and Conservation Energy of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Taufik Hanafi from Indonesia’s Ministry of National Development Planning

Prof Jia Yinsuo, Member of the African Academy of Sciences

Omer Kouassi Kokou-Tchri, founder of Africa Sustainable Development Board and vice Chairman of the Global Advisory Committee of NEXT Federation

Dong Xuebing, Deputy Director of Research Center for Coordinated Regional Development and Executive Vice President of the Western China Development Institute of Zhejiang University,


Mr Gan Feng, Deputy General Manager of Xinhua Silk Road Business Division, China Economic Information Service of Xinhua News Agency, released the Outlook for China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Report 2022’ .

International Projects

This Summit conducted global roadshow for international projects as following:

  • Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway
  • Improving Indoor Environment Quality after the Epidemic: Germicidal Resonance Light Technology
  • Muslim Halal Food Data Technology
  • E2V and G2V-the Interaction between Electric Vehicles and Power Grid

It shared the latest scientific and technological research results and fruitful smart practices from around the world.

Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway

Improving Indoor Environment Quality after the Epidemic :Germicidal Resonance Light Technology

Muslim Halal Food Data Technology

E2V and G2V-the Interaction between Electric Vehicles and Power Grid

Hurricane Lamp Award

The Bali Summit continued to set up “Hurricane Lamp” award to recognize and inspire smart practice cases in international cooperation, and guide participants of international cooperation projects to consider all relevant factors and choose optimal practices to achieve real, sustainable, and overall success.

As for the “Hurricane Lamp” Award, Dr Yoo Jae-hoon, Vice President of NEXT Federation, former Controller and Special Advisor to the President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, said that the Award intends to inspire enterprises and institutions to invest in their best performance, advance international cooperation and promote industrial development.

William Zhao, Executive Chairman of the Council of the Board of Directors

Charles You,Chief Supervisor of the Council of the Board of Directors

William Zhao, Executive Chairman of the Council of the Board of Directors, and Chief Supervisor Charles You announced the winners of three super “Hurricane Lamp” awards and five top awards.

The awards were presented to the representatives of winners in Bali.

Online Thematic Forums:

1. Innovation in Medical and Healthcare Industry

2. Industry 4.0 and the Transformation of Manufacturing

3. Agricultural Technology and Sustainable Development

4. Emerging Trends in Infrastructure Development

5. Digital Economy and Industrial Digital Transformation

6.The Rise of Renewable Energy Industry and New Energy Industry

7. Public Relations and Market Insight in the Context of COVID-19

8. Investment in Indonesia

Media Impacts

Xinhua Silk Road platform carried out the global broadcast of NEXT Summit (Bali 2022) in Chinese and English. The Chinese version had 1.7 million viewers, and the English version had nearly 1.2 million viewers, with an overall exposure of more than 2.8 million.

Nearly 100 media such as Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, China Industry Network, China Financial Times Network, China Report Network, Global Observation Network, and People’s Finance Network reported on the Summit. Many global industry leaders and opinion leaders shared or forwarded the information of NEXT Summit. It received unanimous praise from public opinion and further enhanced the influence of the NEXT Federation.

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The NEXT Summit has been held successfully in Auckland, Hangzhou, Dubai, Singapore, and Bali for six consecutive sessions.

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