Accurate and reliable Government Public Relations Service

  • Set up reliable and long-lasting relationships with policymakers, including face-to-face discussion
  • Market entry and expansion support
  • Crisis and issue management

Low cost and high efficient overseas partners B2B

  • Expand business opportunities to increase exportation
  • Connect with high-quality partners to strengthen leading role in the industry chain
  • Enhance the brand’s international image and brand premium
  • Technology exchanges and acquisitions to enhance innovation competitiveness

Profit-oriented and service-oriented two-way investment attraction platform

  • Integrating China’s market and industrial park resources
  • Sharing the traditional advantages of international enterprises
  • Strengthening brand value and management enablement
  • Expanding market benefits in China and around the world

Multidimensional and highly transformed powerful media communication matrix

  • End-to-end strategic communication advice, covering
  • Managing media relations in targeting countries/markets
  • Social media strategy and implementation.

Personalized and differentiated brand strategic communications consulting

  • Data mining and analyzing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Cooperation opportunities and resource integration with local businesses
  • Supports from local experts and industry insiders.

One-stop service for international conference, exhibition & training

  • ​Customised field visits
  • Internal communications and training
  • Conferences and exhibitions spanning a diverse range of industries

International and professional industrial expert resource

  • Speech: Invite global leaders and senior experts to attend events
  • Problem solving: Help break through the development bottleneck of company and product
  • Consultation: Organising industrial experts to serve research and consultation
  • Networking: Recommend human resources and high-quality social networking

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