New Zealand to host first NEXT Summit in Nov. 2017

New Zealand to host first NEXT Summit in Nov. 2017


New Zealand will host the first NEXT Summit on Nov. 27, under the theme of “innovation, cooperation, and sustainability,” which will see some 400 delegates from the academic and business circles of several countries gather in the country’s largest city of Auckland, according to a statement released by the organisers in Auckland on Thursday.

The summit, organized by the Oceania Silk Road Network (OSRN) along with New Zealand Green Industry Association and New Zealand Chinese Scientists Association, aims to promote international resource mobilization and capacity building through innovative cooperation among countries and regions, deepen international trade cooperation, and promote sustainable development.

The summit organizers noted that innovative cooperation is essential to realizing sustainable development. This type of cooperation highlights innovation in cooperation models and concepts, and in the model of resource mobilization and capacity improvement, so as to open a channel for all parties to obtain capital, knowledge, technology and various resources.

“New Zealand has contributed world-leading innovation and wisdom, values and best practice in their sustainable development”.

This summit will discuss and share new ideas and best practice in innovation, cooperation, and sustainability, as well as new models and opportunities for international cooperation while taking the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China in 2013 as a case study.

According to the organizers, the summit will be broadcast live globally via VR technology. This is to present the event in real time to those around the world, who are unable to attend.