New Zealand sends strong delegation to China Food Safety Expo

Abstract : New Zealand had for the first time a country pavilion at the sixth China International Food Safety Technology & Innovation Expo (IFSTIE) from June 23 to 25.

BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) — New Zealand had for the first time a country pavilion at the sixth China International Food Safety Technology & Innovation Expo (IFSTIE) from June 23 to 25.

The pavilion and promotion session were themed “A Nation You Can Trust”. Zespri, Fonterra, Silver Fern Farms and 13 other SME companies participated as exhibitors.

Group Photo of New Zealand National Pavilion Representatives. (by Fan Yinghao)

Ivan Kinsella, head of New Zealand delegation and chairman of the New Zealand Business Roundtable in China, opened the New Zealand promotion session.

According to Ivan, “Food safety is a key part of New Zealand’s national brand. We have a strict control process in place. It is important we work closely with each other in the areas of setting policy, information sharing and project co-operation within the food safety community.”

Howard Staveley from the Ministry of Primary Industry outlined New Zealand’s food safety framework followed by presentations from major participants including Zespri, Fonterra and Silver Fern Farms.

Yue Fenpeng from the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ) presented its traceability system and the reasons why CAIQ had established a laboratory in New Zealand. He said: “The laboratory uses testing methods and standards accepted by China to accelerate customs clearance.”

Magic Lamp, a cross border e-commerce company, was established in 2015 and now has revenue of more than 200 million dollars. Kevin Wang, founder and CEO of Magic Lamp, said its platform helped more than 300 companies across New Zealand, Australia and Germany selling their products into China.

The New Zealand pavilion was organised by the NEXT Federation in partnership with the Economic Daily which is the Expo organiser.

William Zhao, chairman of the Council of NEXT Federation, said: “As a country, there is a gap in collectively promoting New Zealand food safety in China. The Expo is a perfect platform for New Zealand companies working together to tell the New Zealand story… NEXT Federation is committed to helping New Zealand companies do business in China and countries within its network.”

NEXT Federation is a platform for global co-operation to drive innovation, sustainability and share ideas and thought on challenges business faces globally.  Based in New Zealand, its global network includes New Zealand, China, Indonesia, UAE, Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and it is still expanding.

NEXT Federation encourages and facilitates wide ranging co-operation in such areas as hi-tech, agriculture, energy and finance. Internationally, its key signature event is the NEXT Summit which has been held in New Zealand and China. This year’s NEXT Summit will be held in Dubai in November.

(Edited by Wu Shuang)

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