Member of Advisory Committee Andrew Forrest sent support to China’s fight against Coronavirus

Origin:Boao Forum for Asia

On Feb.7th, Mr.Andrew Forrest, FMG Chairman and Member of BFA Advisory Committee , sent a letter to BFA Vice chairman Mr.ZHOU Xiaochuan and Secretary General Mr.LI Baodong respectively, to express support for the people of China in wake of the Coronavirus, and sympathies for the lives lost to this devastating outbreak.

Mr.Forrest expressed gratefulness to the Chinese people and the Government for taking the strongest possible actions in the frontline to slow the spread of this virus, while working cooperatively on effective treatments.

Mr.Forrest praised the amazing coordination and teamwork of China to efficiently build makeshift hospitals in the Hubei province, and believes it is a testament to China’s leadership and strong commitment to address this significant global challenge.

To support the prevention and treatment of coronavirus, FMG has made donations through a provision of face masks shipped from Australia, and the contribution of funding for the immediate conversion of the WISCO Sports Stadium into a 300-bed shelter hospital.

Mr.Forrest and his company will stand by all people in China, and are confident that China will come out of this fight successfully and wishes the Chinese people a stronger, brighter and ever more prosperous future.

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