This form is for application to be a Global Partner of NEXT Federation. It may cost about 10-15 minutes to fill it. Thanks for your kind patience and support.

    Institutional Information

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    GMABC—GMABC-Our interested Needs

    Face-to-face discuss with policy-makersUnderstand policy standards & proceduresMarket entry and expansion supportCrisis and issue managementOthers

    Create widely circulated “BIG” newsCustomise “GOOD” contentOpen up “HARD” mainstream media channelsLead cutting-edge NEW social media modesOthers

    Invite global leaders & experts to eventBreak through development bottlenecksOrganize customized industrial researchSeek advisors and operating expertsOthers

    Expand business & export opportunitiesEnhance international brands recognitionStrengthen in industry chain by partnersImprove international brand premiumTechnical exchange and M&AOthers

    GMABC—Our advantaged resources and area

    Applicant's announcement & Proposer Info

    Levels of Global Partnership and Annual Fee Standard
    1.Partner (Free)
    2.Friendly Partner (RMB1,000/Y)
    3.Cooperative Partner (RMB10,000/Y)
    4.Strategic Partner (Free bonus for Partner whose cooperation amount reach RMB100,000/Y)
    5.Strategic Cooperative Partner (Free bonus for Partner whose cooperation amount reach RMB1,000,000/Y)

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