Social Capital in Action: From Nought to Xero


Karen McKeefry


Supervisor: Professor Pak Yoong

Submitted to the School of Information Management

Victoria University of Wellington

In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of

Master of Information Management

16 October 2009



Typically internet start-ups (e-ventures) are innovative, independent, original companies that focus on information as their competitive factor. They are characterised by enormous growth potential, giving rise to technical and market risk. Resourcing these ventures can be daunting usually requiring significant financial and human capital and once the venture is formed they are subject to a liability of newness with no track record, legitimacy or endorsement for the product/service. Whilst entrepreneurs bring their own resources and skills to the business it is necessary to seek additional complementary resources through sustainable exchange relationships to ensure the ventures success … …

For full text please download: Social Capital from Nought to Xero thesis_access 2019


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