“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.

                                                                                                                                               Gwendolyn Brooks,  a famous American poet


             “People should appreciate the beauty of their own creation, but also appreciate the beauty created by others. In this way, the beauty of their own and the beauty of others will be combined together to achieve the ideal universal beauty.

                                                                                                                                   Prof Fei Xiaotong, a well-known Chinese sociologist


There is no such thing that can lead us to the inception of this global business model practice like the above inspirational quotes buy the two different people of background but identical view in being self-creative and cooperative for a better world. The realization of NEXT Federation—a non-profit, independent global platform for integration and transformation of industrial resources has come through a footstep that hallmarks its megahit.

Formerly known as Oceania Silk Road Network, NEXT Federation was officially launched in March 2017 during China’s Premiere Le Keqiang visited New Zealand. The then Prime Minister of New Zealand Sir Bill English along with his cabinet signed a memorandum of understanding with their Chinese counterparts under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative. Since then, Auckland been a headquarter of the brand-new global platform aimed at innovative business model transformation and industrial resource utilizations amongst nations around the world.

New Zealand got a pleasant natural and cultural environment. With a rich history, it has provided us a start-up ecosystem, multicultural hub for innovation, and a long-standing global leader for sustainable development.

From the old agro-industrial economic route to the advanced digital economy, NEXT Federation is a multi-dimensional business model to touch lives in its top-down mechanism. Doing so, the ultimate purpose of the platform will be realized through the advanced world where all possible means of human talents and industrial resources are utilized to provide every single entity with a fair share that suit the respond to leverage put in place.

The general idea of the platform is seeking optimal practices through which every promising advantage of business innovations and resources are tapped to bring about a global success that is well recognized by experts, academicians, the media and leaders at different level of appointment.

In order to achieve its global success, the platform has conducted successive summit in the past few years under the coined term dubbed NEXT SUMMIT. So far, Auckland (2017), Hangzhou (2018), Dubai (2019) have been hosting cities attracting participants from across the world while NEXT Summit (Sky 2020) was held mainly online due to COVID-19. Former U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, former Prime Minister of Egypt Dr. Essam Sharaf, and the current U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, U.N. Under Secretary General Liu Zhenmin (Economic and Social Affairs) were amongst the dignitaries who took part in those important summits held in the past.


Our Vision

“Promote Global Innovation, Cooperation and Sustainability”

Realizing an advanced global cooperation that entails cutting-edge technological innovation and compatible developmental scheme to cope with the growing demand of advancement in all walks of life.


Our Value

Unite to Create

Sprung from New Zealand, NEXT Federation will reach out its global partners of innovation and development through its finest industrial gurus, competitive technocrats and universal business professionals. Since NEXT Federation’s value is to be a catalyst throughout the process towards better planet for business, it has a strategic business plan known as GMABC (Government Media Academy Business and Community). Through this strategic business model, it will be able to get the right people in the same room of all desires to get business done.

What does the GMABC concept do?

Based on the existing global networks, NEXT Federation will provide one-stop market for industrial consulting, public relations services, professional networking and talents cooperation, overseas marketing and products promotion, technology transformation, project coordination and operation.


Our Mission

Since globalization is a conventional trademark of all businesses in the new age, NEXT Federation forges strategic partnership through unity and cooperation. Its Global Partnership involves the following key missions.

NEXT Federation seeks most advanced and recommended practices in its endeavours so as to ensure that all parties engaged in the system are heard. From a research based innovative foundation to a somewhat state-of-the-art practical accomplishment, the platform aspires to introduce a unified business model aiming at transforming the existing business practices that lack concerted efforts, feasibility, and free-flowing consultation. In this regard, our world-class business doing platform would make a real difference and demonstrates versatile business methods for the greater good.

In spite of the unwise resource managements, and utilization, an enormous resource discovery and application remains a challenge for the emerging business generation worldwide. Our platform embarks on such a definite moment of industrial innovation and business evolution. Needless to say, that the ongoing efforts being practiced by our multi-dimensional innovators, business partners and trustees would create a business environment for all agents regardless of their prevailing business plan and transformation.

Total Factor Productivity (TFP) refers to the productivity of all inputs taken together. As a modern business platform, NEXT Federation fosters TFP, that is, the ability to combine all related factors essentially to improve the efficiency of resource allocation. New rounds of scientific, technological and industrial transformations are gathering steam. At the international level, global industrial chains are in the process of restructuring, and the international community is facing global challenges. At national level, developed countries are suffering from sluggish economies, lack of impetus for growth, unbalanced distribution of interests, worsening social illnesses and policy dilemmas. Meanwhile, developing countries are under great pressure to achieve rapid economic and social development, promote structural transformation, improve human capital, and strengthen innovation-driven development. At institutional and individual level, it is becoming a common aspiration to make innovations, break inward loop and achieve sustainable development. To address all these, solution lies in promoting total-factor cooperation.



One-Stop Solution

Accurate and reliable Government Public Relations Service​

Low cost and high efficient overseas partners B2B​

Profit-oriented and service-oriented two-way investment attraction platform

Multidimensional and highly transformed powerful media communication matrix​

Personalized and differentiated brand strategic communications consulting​

One-stop service for international conference, exhibition & training​

International and professional industrial expert resource​

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