Options at the Crossroads

Main paragraph:
The world has come to a crossroads with a complex, volatile global economic situation and social uncertainty.
How to find security in a crisis?
How to grasp new opportunities among risks?
How to connect with ideal partners?
How to stay ahead of the changes?

Discussion about Seeking Optimal Practice in International Cooperation. From November 24th to 26th, 2019, NEXT SUMMIT is about to land in Dubai, UAE. The 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki-moon, and other top elites will take the lead to attend the Summit, citing the “Optimal Practice” to guide “Options at the Crossroads”.

The 8th SG of UN Mr. Ban Ki-moon said at the NEXT Summit (Hangzhou 2018) that International cooperation and partnership are the glue that keeps us together.

Four main themes in the summit:

  •  Regional Development in West Asia and Africa;
  •  Connecting with Expo 2020 in Dubai;
  •  Looking into the Future: New Lifestyle;
  •  Global Integration and Diversified Development.

Focus on the four major industrial sectors respectively:

  •  Infrastructure, Construction / Engineering Equipment, Energy Industry and Industrial Investment;
  •  Innovative Talents and Discovery of Expo 2020 cooperation projects;
  •  Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Finance Support;
  •  Travel Industry, Cultural Exchanges and other industrial cooperation development.

500 successful companies share cooperation networks.
600 senior industrial experts share projects information.
Thorough analysis of “Optimal Practice” cases , Three Super Hurricane Lamp Awards for “Innovation”, “Cooperation” and “Sustainability”, Five Top Hurricane Lamp Awards for “Policy Coordination”, “Facility Connectivity”, “Unimpeded Trade”, “Financial Integration” and “People-to-People Bonds”.
50 + Traditional Media, 80 + Overseas Chinese Media, 200 + Internet Media, Internet Celebrities, Multilingual Global Media Network, to comprehensively present you optimal practice in international cooperation.

At the Crossroads, We Choose Together.

Please Scan the QR Code to Attend:

Please Scan the QR Code to Attend: