The world is currently undergoing significant changes, unlike anything we have seen in the past century. A new era of scientific and technological advancements, combined with industrial transformation, has resulted in unprecedented levels of competition. Economic globalization is slowing down, and regional labor division is increasingly replacing global labor division. Digital and green transformation have emerged as key drivers for world economic recovery. 

As the World Trade Organization predicts, multiple crises are negatively impacting the global economy, which is now on the brink of a downturn. In response to the imminent threat of a global recession, it is imperative that efforts be made to restore economic growth. This will require innovative solutions and collaborative efforts across sectors and industries. By proactively seeking out ways to drive economic growth and minimize the impact of these crises, we can build a more sustainable and resilient global economy.”

2023: marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative

As a nation situated at the intersection of East Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia, Kazakhstan is strategically positioned as a key player in the Belt and Road Initiative. The country serves as a central hub of the Silk Road Economic Belt, representing a crucial point of connectivity and trade between Asia and Europe.
Over the years, Kazakhstan has prioritized all-round international cooperation. These efforts have played a significant role in promoting regional peace, stability, and development, setting an example for other Central Asian countries to follow.

Kazakhstan: A central hub to promote the Silk Road Economic Belt

On September 7, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a significant speech at Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev University. During his address, President Xi invoked the story of Zhang Qian, a Han Dynasty envoy who embarked on two diplomatic missions to Central Asia over 2,100 years ago. Zhang Qian’s missions helped to establish a foundation of peace and friendship between China and Central Asian nations, ultimately paving the way for closer diplomatic and cultural ties.


The upcoming NEXT Summit (Astana 2023) has set its sights on bolstering international collaboration, expediting the reinvigoration of globalization, propelling sustainable worldwide economic expansion, and collaboratively constructing an unbarred and all-embracing global community. These ambitions are closely aligned with the overarching theme of the Summit, “Unite to Create.”

Expected output

  1. Unite to Create, enhance the understanding and confidence of the international community in promoting global innovation, cooperation and development, and identify project opportunities and strategic opportunities in international cooperation;
  1. Gather industry experts and talents in booming fields, share the latest scientific and technological research results and productive practices around the world, deliver cutting-edge speeches and share use cases in different industrial areas, and provide world-class knowledge and information;
  1. Explore and share leading innovative enterprises and platforms for technology R&D transformation, look at top trends in key industries, and explore the development directions of international cooperation;
  1. Provide an international platform for the exchange and cooperation of high-level talent, knowledge, technology, capital and other industrial development factors, expand the global cooperation network, and boost the cooperation level and global impact of public and private sectors.

Agenda Framework

August 21 (Monday)


Parallel Session: Emerging Trends in ESG Development


Parallel Session: The Future of the Digital Economy

August 22 (Tuesday)


Parallel Session: The Convergence of Conventional and New Energy


Parallel Session: Transforming the Health Industry

August 23 (Wednesday)


Parallel Session: The Intersection of Culture and Tourism


Parallel Session: Global Supply Chain and International Trade

August 24 (Thursday)


Parallel Session: Prospects of Artificial Intelligence Industry


Parallel Session: Outlook for the Global Economy and Financial Market

August 25 (Friday)


Parallel Session: Food security and agricultural modernization


Parallel Session: Central Asia: A Promising Investment Destination


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大会组委会联系方式Contact information of the organising committee

官方邮箱E-mail:[email protected]

中国境内咨询热线Service hotline in China:400-6588-601