Date: September 29, 2021

Formats:Online as the main format with small offline event

Offline Conference Venue:Singapore

Theme:“Promoting Total Factor Cooperation”


 NEXT Federation

China Economic Information Service of Xinhua News Agency

Singapore Economic Development Board or Singapore Tourism Board (to be invited)

Co-organizers:Singapore Economics and Management Institute , etc. TBC


Promoting total factor cooperation aims to improve T total Factor Productivity (TFP), which is essentially to improve the efficiency of resource allocation. The world today is undergoing profound changes as unseen before. New round s of scientific ,technologi cal and industrial transformation s are gathering steam.
At the international level, global industrial chains are in the process of restructuring, and the international community is facing global challenges. At national level, developed countries are suffering from sluggish economy suffering from sluggish economies, lack of impetus for, lack of impetus for growth, unbalanced distribution of interests, worsening social growth, unbalanced distribution of interests, worsening social illnesses and policy dilemmaillnesses and policy dilemmas. Meanwhile, developing countries Meanwhile, developing countries are under great pressure to achieve rapid economic and social are under great pressure to achieve rapid economic and social development, development, promote structural transformation, improve promote structural transformation, improve human capital, and strengthen innovationhuman capital, and strengthen innovation–driven development.driven development. At institutional and individual level, it is becoming a common At institutional and individual level, it is becoming a common aspiration to make innovations, break aspiration to make innovations, break inward inward looploop and achieve and achieve sustainable development.sustainable development. ToTo address all these, solution liaddress all these, solution lies in es in promoting totalpromoting total–factor cooperation.factor cooperation.

Main Contents:


Online and offline global interactions

Due to the Covid, the Summit will be held online and offline, with the offline venue set in the world-renowned city state Singapore. This will include the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, global roadshow of international projects and the “Hurricane Lamp” award ceremony.


G-M-A-B-C consultation on Total Factor Cooperation

The NEXT Summit (Singapore 2021) will invite guests from Government, Media, Academy, Business and Community with an aim of strengthening total factor cooperation at all levels and promoting innovation, cooperation and development in a pragmatic way.


More than 10 online sub-forums

The Summit will hold parallel sessions on the topics of Technology Singularity and New Information Technology Revolution, Agricultural Science and Food Security, Biomedicine and Health, Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Intelligent Manufacturing and Changes of Industrial Structure, Silver Economy and Aging Society, E-Commerce Upgrade and Supply Chain Finance etc. Through these parallel sessions we share the latest scientific and technological research results and high-yielding practices, to provide a high-level platform for the exchanges and cooperation between talents, knowledge, technology, capital and other industrial development elements.


Participation from over 20 countries

The Summit intends to invite guests from more than 20 countries including Singapore, China, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, the UAE, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, Germany, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Egypt.


Discussions on cooperation regarding 30 leading technological projects

The Summit intends to invite more than 30 world leading technological project participants to engage in a speech roadshow for the purpose of follow-up cooperation on project delivery.


Over 60 high-end talents and dignitaries

The Summit intends to invite more than 60 guests, including world leaders, academicians and scholars, business leaders and startup entrepreneurs to deliver speeches and share cases around a variety of industrial fields, which will serve as a world’s top knowledge and information festival.


Over 200 media outlets

More than 200 global media will be invited to participate in the thematic warm-up activities, conference information release or interview coverage.


Promotion by over 500 influencers and prominent leaders

The Summit intends to mobilize more than 500 global prominent leaders from political, economic, social and cultural fields to participate in the global thematic event of “Promoting Total-Factor Cooperation” to jointly advocate the promotion of total-factor cooperation and promote global innovation, cooperation and development.

1 Million+

Online interactions covering more than 1 million viewers

The Summit intends to expand the influence of the conference through global online live broadcast and new media interactions, which is expected to attract more than 1 million online viewers.

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